On behalf of the Ja'Mia by Ja'Mia Brooks Brand I would like to welcome you aboard to the trendiest most affordable luxury brand based in Richmond VA with our continuing service to you favorite destination location. We launch in Richmond VA for online orders on 6/11/21 and for pick-ups on 6/26.
I am Ja'Mia Brooks and this is my lifestyle brand. I have spent a lot of time curating a brand that is dedicated to all things vacation and lifestyle. Ja'Mia by Ja'Mia Brooks was curated in efforts to help make vacation as smooth and as safe and as stylish as possible. With the help of my team and the growth of my brand I would like to bring you guys destination vacation packages, vacation clothing/accesories vacation skin care, vacation travel essentials, vacation luggage, and vacation safety.
I have travel guides on Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube & Instagram to help you guys navigate through vacation spots with tips and some of my favorite recommendations and airbib tours. Follow me for more!
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